Search For Music

  • Search Bar (1) - Uses autofill for ease of use to search for videos
  • Search Results Tab (2)- Populated with search results in the form of Songbricks
  • Songbricks (3)
    • Represent videos and can be clicked to play them or drag and dropped to the Playlist Wall to build a playlist
    • Highlighted yellow when playing

Discover New Music

  • Top Songs Tab (4) - Populated with search results in the form of Songbricks
  • Top Playlists Tab (5) - Contains the most played playlists, clicking on them will load them to the playlist wall and start playing them
  • My Playlists Tab (6)
    • You will only see this tab if you are logged in
    • Contains all of they playlists you have created

Build a Playlist

  • Playlist Wall (7)
    • Songbricks are dragged and dropped here to build playlists
    • Clicking on any Songbrick on the Wall will start playing the current playlist from that point in the playlist
    • Clear button (20) - for deleting all Songbricks from the playlist wall
    • Songbricks can be added, deleted, or rearranged while a playlist is playing
  • Trash (8) - Drag Songbricks here to delete them from a playlist

Play Your Music

  • Play/Pause button (9)
  • Previous Video button (10)
  • Next Video button (11)
  • Mute on/off button (12)
  • Shuffle button (13) - will randomly play all songs in your playlist
  • Loop button (14) -will repeat your playlist indefinitely
  • Tips button (15) - for disabling or enabling tooltip messages

Save and Share Your Music

  • Log in / Log Out (16)
    • Create an account or log in with Facebook
    • Allows user to save playlists
  • Save button (17) - for saving playlists User must be logged on
  • Share button (18) - for sharing playlists via Facebook
  • InstaShare button (19) - Allows users that are not logged on to share playlists by creating a URL to share their playlist